PetSimXList Supporters

PetSimXList is not just a website, no, we are a family, one of the main goals of this community is to be one of the biggest Roblox communities, where we play together, laugh together and have fun together. We are trying our best to build a non-toxic, friendly community where we can all have fun, make friends and play together.

Here is a list of people and friends that helped and are currently helping this great community grow and reach new levels.

(IMPORTANT: People in this list DO NOT REPRESENT the community or the website in any way)

Discord Staff Memebers

  • Moderator: Beta

Giveaway Sponsors

(Want to sponsor a giveaway? If yes then you can contact us here or DM “snike” on Discord.)

  • kingingAD


  • NONEĀ 

We are currently looking for 1-2 Discord Moderators to take care of chat and help our Discord members with any questions, if you are interested and have the time to help, DM “snike” on Discord.