Flower Panda has a current value of 650,000 gems as a starting price for the Normal version and goes up to 11,500,000 gems for the Dark Matter version.

flower panda value pet simulator x


- Recently updated -

Normal: 650,000

Gold: 1,200,000

Rainbow: 2,500,000

Dark Matter: 11,500,000

Price Stable

Flower Panda is a Pet Simulator X Epic pet that you could hatch from the new Kawaii Egg, it was added with the new event. You could obtain the Flower Panda by purchasing the egg using Cartoon Coins only, it costs 138,000,000 for the normal version and 14,400,000 for the golden version, it could be located inside the new Kawaii area that was added with the event. The chance of hatching this pet is very low which is 2%. It was released as a part of Kawaii update in March 2023.


  1. It has over 1 re-skin.
  2. The current demand for it is low.
  3. It doesn’t have a Huge version.


huge kawaii cat value pet simulator x

Huge Kawaii Cat

💎 6,200,000,000,000

flower panda value pet simulator x

Flower Panda

💎 650,000

bread shiba value pet simulator x

Bread Shiba

💎 320,000

kawaii cat value pet simulator x

Kawaii Cat

💎 185,000

butterfly llama value pet simulator x

Butterfly Llama

💎 1,100,000

playful seal value pet simulator x

Playful Seal

💎 550,000

masked owl value pet simulator x

Masked Owl

💎 3,000,000,000