Huge Ninja Axolotl has a current value of 345,000,000,000 gems as a starting price for the Normal version.

huge ninja axolotl value pet simulator x


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Normal: 345,000,000,000

Gold: N/A

Rainbow: N/A

Dark Matter: N/A

Price Stable

Huge Ninja Axolotl is a Pet Simulator X Exclusive pet that you could hatch from the NEW Tokyo Alley Egg, also called the "Kawaii Alley Egg". You could obtain it by hatching the secret Kawaii Alley Egg that was added with the new Update using Cartoon Coins only, one egg costs 800,000,000 (800m) coins, it could be located inside the new area that was added with the update. In order to obtain the egg, you need to complete the Tokyo Alley Quest, there are 4 alleys and each one of them contain giant obstacles (3 chests), your mission is to find the egg at the end of one of the Alleys, it changes location every 60 minutes. You need to be lucky enough to hatch the Huge Ninja Axolotl though! The chance of hatching this pet is currently unknown but it's extremely low. It was released as a part of the Hologram Update in March 2023.


  1. TheΒ Huge Ninja Axolotl value above is in gems and it’s accurate & updated and calculated using verified trades from experienced Pet Sim X traders, pet demand, past sales data, RAP price, and other metrics.
  2. It has over 4 re-models.
  3. The current demand for it is high.
  4. It’s one of the pets that can only be obtained by completing a quest, unless you obtain it through trading.
  5. It’s rare and will always be high in value.
  6. You won’t find many players trading or selling this pet, and if they do, be ready to pay A LOT!


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