Monkey Bro has a current value of (SOON) gems as a starting price for the Normal version, that's if you trade it for other pets.

->> This pet hasn't been released yet, but the value will be added once we have more information about the Monkey Bro in Pet Simulator X. <<-

monkey bro value pet simulator x


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Normal: SOON

Gold: SOON

Rainbow: SOON

Dark Matter: SOON


Normal: SOON

Gold: N/A

Rainbow: N/A

Dark Matter: N/A

Price Stable

Monkey Bro is a Pet Simulator X pet that is very likely to be released very soon. It was announced during April's Fool Event in April 2023 (Not By BigGames). We are currently looking into how to obtain the Monkey Bro and we will update this page with all the information once it gets released.

Monkey Bro is a Youtuber pet, it was created for Youtuber named "LiedYou" and only for him. He has multiple Monkey Bro's in his inventory. Since the Monkey Bro is one of a kind, it's very hard to obtain one of them unless the pet gets released as a part of an update or event, or if LiedYou decides to give some away or trade them, as of now there are no signs that it will be released to the public, but it might happen at some point, more information soon.


  1. It has over 1 re-model.
  2. The current demand for it is very high.
  3. More information and pet facts about the Monkey Bro will be added soon.


huge error cat value pet simulator x

Huge Error Cat

💎 200,000,000,000

error dog value pet simulator x

Error Dog

💎 1,000,000

error axolotl value pet simulator x

Error Axolotl

💎 1,500,000

error dragon value pet simulator x

Error Dragon

💎 4,500,000

monkey bro value pet simulator x

Monkey Bro


purple marshmallow chick value pet simulator x

Purple Marshmallow Chick

💎 1,000,000,000

hologram tiger value pet simulator x

Hologram Tiger

💎 1,100,000,000

masked owl value pet simulator x

Masked Owl

💎 1,300,000,000

mushroom fox value pet simulator x

Mushroom Fox

💎 340,000

clover unicorn value pet simulator x

Clover Unicorn

💎 15,000,000