Pixel Wolf has a current value of 1,435,000 gems as a starting price and goes up to 40,000,000 gems for the Dark Matter version.

pixel wolf pet simulator x


- Recently updated -

Normal: 1,435,000

Gold: 4,130,000

Rainbow: 12,700,000

Dark Matter: 40,000,000

Price Decreasing

Pixel Wolf is a Pet Simulator X Legendary pet that you can hatch from the Rainbow Pixel and the Spotted Pixel Eggs. The chance of hatching it is estimated to be around 4% without boosts. It was released as a part of the Pixel World update.


  1. It’s one of the strongest Legendaries.
  2. It currently has 1 re-skin.
  3. The current demand for it is very high.


north pole wolf pet simulator x

North Pole Wolf

💎 14,000,000

pixel dino pet simulator x

Pixel Dino

💎 14,650,000

astral axolotl pet simulator x

Astral Axolotl

💎 16,850,000

pastel sock bear pet simulator x

Pastel Sock Bear

💎 25,550,000

pastel sock corgi pet simulator x

Pastel Sock Corgi

💎 26,800,000

pixel wolf pet simulator x

Pixel Wolf

💎 40,000,000

silver stag pet simulator x

Silver Stag

💎 48,800,000

santa paws pet simulator x

Santa Paws

💎 65,000,000

hellish axolotl pet simulator x

Hellish Axolotl

💎 73,500,000

pixel demon pet simulator x

Pixel Demon

💎 201,000,000