Huge Cool Cat has a current value of 90,000,000,000 gems as a starting price for the Normal version and goes up to 210,000,000,000 for the Golden version.

huge cool cat value pet simulator x


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Normal: 90,000,000,000 (90B)

Gold: 210,000,000,000 (210B)

Rainbow: N/A

Dark Matter: N/A

Price Stable

Huge Cool Cat is a Pet Simulator X Exclusive pet that you could hatch from the new Event Egg 1. The chance of hatching it without any boosts is extremely low and currently at 4.5% only and that makes it the hardest pet to hatch from the Event Egg 1, which makes it a rare pet. To obtain that egg you had to use the Huge-A-Tron machine that lets you convert your Event pets that you do not need or want into the egg and you need 100 points for that, or you could also get the egg if someone was willing to trade it, which is very likely to find that player that would want to trade it since it's easier to get than the other Huge A Tron Machine eggs. The Egg contains 4 awesome pets and this Huge is one of them. It was released as a part of the Cinco de Mayo Event April 2023.


  1. The Huge Cool Cat value above is in gems and it’s accurate & updated and calculated using verified trades from experienced Pet Sim X traders, pet demand, past sales data, in-game trading stats, and other metrics.
  2. It has over 2 re-models.
  3. The current demand for it is high.
  4. It also has a non-huge version in the same egg.